Mar 27 2012

School Board Certifies Multi-Year Budget

Board gives positive certification despite $2.5 million deficit-

On March 14, the Board of Education certified a multi-year budget submitted by Piedmont School Superintendent Connie Hubbard.  Despite the budget’s projected $2.5 million deficit for 2013-14, the Board gave a “positive” certification.

School Board members explained a “positive” certification was appropriate, despite the large deficit, because the school district has the ability to pay its bills through June 2014, and layoff notices could be issued to 35 teachers in March 2013.

Under the approved budget, 35 layoff notices will be required, even if Piedmont’s current “Measure B” school parcel tax is renewed by voters in 2013.  Board members hope, however, that a State tax initiative will be approved in November, 2012,  increasing projected revenues in time to avoid issuing layoff notices in March, 2013.

In considering the choice between cutting now or waiting until more funding information is available, the Board determined that it will maintain existing programs as is and wait and see what the future holds.  In addition to State tax initiatives, the Board Chair offered the possibility of increasing the local Piedmont school parcel tax further, including the ability to raise the tax by more than 5% each year, if needed.

Link: Multi-year Budget Report, Citizens’ Advisory Committee Recomendation for 5% parcel tax increase, and other background materials.

Complete  March 14 School Board agenda link:


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