Mar 28 2012

Great Interest in Applying for Budget and Finance Committee

City Council To Interview Applicants Thursday-

The City Council will interview applicants for committee and commission positions on Thursday, March 29, in City Hall.  The proceedings are open to the public and begin at 5:30 p.m.

The applicants’ names have been released by the City Clerk.   All positions are voluntary.  The available positions can be filled by the applicant pool, with the exception of the Civil Service Commission, for which only 2 applicants applied for the 3 available openings.  The Council will vote on the appointments at the meeting.

The applicants are as follows:

Budget Advisory and Fiscal Planning Committe –  12 applicants for 5 positions

Applicants: George Childs, Reid Dabney, Mary Geong, Cristina Heins, Steven Hollis, Bill Hosler, Tom Lehrkind, Jonathan Levine, Eric Lindquist, Kathleen Quenneville, Michael Rancer and Tim Rood. (no incumbents)

CIP Review Committee – 1 applicant for 1 position.

Applicant: John Cooper (incumbent).

Civil Service Commission –  3 positions and 2 applicants.

Applicants: Lisa Lawson (incumbent) and Matthew Lifschiz (incumbent). This commission lacks an applicant to fill the third position.

Park Commission – 3 vacancies and 6 applicants.

Applicants: Carl Anderson, Nancy Beninati, Susan Herrick (incumbent), Jason Kelley, Nancy Kent and Jamie Totsubo (incumbent).

Planning Commission – 1 position and 3 applicants

Applicants: Paul Nelson, Susan Ode and Tom Zhang (prior alternate).

Public Safety Committee – 7 positions and 12 applicants

Applicants: Nancy Beninati, Nancy Bostrom, George Epstein, John Erlich, Michael Gardner (prior member), Sue Lin, Dean Miller, Lyman Schaffer, Elizabeth Smegal Anderson, William Welch, Patty White and Gregory Young (prior member).

Recreation Commission. 1 position and 1 applicant

Applicant: Terry London (incumbent).

More information and details on the positions.


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