Mar 31 2012

Council Appoints Residents to Commissions and Committees

Twenty Tapped to Serve-

Following hours of interviews and deliberation on March 29, the City Council made the following appointments to City Commissions and Committees:

Budget Advisory and Fiscal Planning Committee – Mary Geong, Steven Hollis, Bill Hosler, Tom Lehrkind, and Tim Rood. (new committee – no incumbents)

CIP Review Committee – John Cooper (incumbent).

Civil Service Commission – Lisa Lawson (incumbent) and Matthew Lifschiz (incumbent). The commission lacked an applicant to fill the third position.

Park Commission – Susan Herrick (incumbent),  Nancy Kent and Jamie Totsubo (incumbent).

Planning Commission – Tom Jintang Zhang  and Susan Ode (alternate).

Public Safety Committee – Elizabeth Smegal Anderson, John Erlich, Michael Gardner (prior member), Sue Lin, Lyman Schaffer,  Patty White, and Gregory Young (prior member).

Recreation Commission – Terry London (incumbent).


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