Apr 13 2012

Public Safety Dispatch re Moraga Road Landslide

Moraga Avenue was re-opened Saturday, April 14 around 6 p.m.  – pictures below

 A landslide and downed power lines and trees closed Moraga Avenue between the eastern city limit with Oakland and Red Rock Rd. (also known as Coaches Field) at approximately 7:00 AM on the morning of Friday, April 13th.

It took longer than anticipated to de-energize the power lines and remove the trees and other plant debris that were dislodged as a result of the slide. This process was made more difficult by the grade of the slope and the electrical, telephone and cable wires that remained in place. PG&E has restored power to affected residents.

The City has remove the debris from Moraga Avenue after assuring that the slope above the street was stabilized. As the slide came from private property, the City Engineer coordinated with the property owner to minimize the possibility of additional debris falling on to Moraga Avenue as well as limiting as much as possible damage to private property. Once the hillside was stabilized and the City determined that no further damage was likely to occur by the removal of the debris, the roadway was cleared and reopened.

The debris has been placed in Blair Park on a temporary basis.  Public Works Director Chester Nakahara and City Clerk John Tulloch were seen late Saturday afternoon overseeing the work and directing traffic.

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Residents may request to be on the email list for future public safety dispatches from the City of Piedmont at publicsafetydispatches@ci.piedmont.ca.us

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  1. It is unfortunate that the hillside had to slip onto Moraga, but perhaps it will cause our City Council to reconsider the Blair Park playing field. No one I know, is in favor of the new field and feels it is in a dangerous location for the children – from traffic not sliding hills.
    I never understood why we never had a chance to vote for it instead of leaving it to the City Council.

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