Apr 15 2012

Council to Discuss New Sewer Plan, Election Schedule, Crime Statistics and Speeding

Monday, April 16 City Council Meeting –

The City Council will consider a variety of issues on their Monday, April 16 meeting starting a 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 120 Vista Avenue.

The Council will review Piedmont’s newly revised Draft Sanitary Sewer Asset Implementation Plan dated 4/16/12, which is due to be submitted to the EPA in July 2012.  It will lay out Piedmont’s plan for rehabilitating, monitoring, and reporting on the city’s sewers during the next 10 year period. It must include new reporting and monitoring requirements (at a cost of $164,000 per year). The plan does not require the replacement of all sewer mains within the ten year plan period.

The timing for a future ballot measure on November 6th will be presented by the City Clerk.  All ballot measures require adoption of an ordinance by the City Council no later than August in order for the measure to be placed on the ballot in the General Election on November 6.  Placing measures on the General Election ballot is less expensive than holding a special Piedmont election. 

The Council will also consider authorization for the City Engineer to proceed with a traffic study for the lower Wildwood Avenue, Nova Drive, and Magnolia Avenue neighborhood where residents have complained about dangerous speeding in the area.

The first Quarter Crime Report from the Police Chief will be presented and indicates that crime is generally down in Piedmont.

For the full agenda and staff reports go the City website.

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