Apr 28 2012

Residents Review New Images of Proposed Blair Park Sports Field

On Wednesday, April 25,  a fundraiser at the Piedmont Community Hall was held by Friends of Moraga Canyon (FOMC), a non-profit organization working toward the preservation of Blair Park.  At the event guests were given an answer to the party’s theme, “What’s Up With Blair Park?”.

A recently produced slide presentation, along with new illustrations of the proposed development of the Blair Park sports field, were viewed by the guests.  The slides showed proposed field elevations relative to the roadway, pedestrians and cars.  A representation of the roundabout at Maxwelton Road was also featured. 

Fundraising for legal challenges to Blair Park development was a primary purpose of the evening. The Piedmont Community Hall was filled with participants enjoying food, beverages, and music while perusing numerous tables with silent auction items.

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