Jul 8 2012

School Board to Choose New President and Vice President

It is time, according to the City Charter, to reorganize Piedmont Unified School Board officers.  On July 11, at 7:00 p.m., the Board will meet in the City Council Chambers to vote on a new President and Vice President.  Roy Tolles, current President, will have completed his term.  Vice President Rick Raushenbush is expected to be elected President, and Andrea Swenson, a new Board member, to be elected Vice President.  Presumably, Superintendent Constance Hubbard will be chosen to continue as Secretary of the Board.  Board committee and liaison assignments will be accepted at the meeting.

One Response to “School Board to Choose New President and Vice President”

  1. I’m curious about your source for the ‘expectation’ that Board Member Swenson will be elected Vice President.

    Editors Note: The distributed list of recommended appointments to positions is available on the School Board website. Positions are not final until voted upon by a majority of the School Board members.

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