Jul 24 2012

President Obama Piedmont Visit

Onlookers create festive atmosphere along Piedmont streets

A festive air prevailed as people waited along Piedmont streets to see President Obama and his entourage arrive on Monday, July 23.  Motorcycles whizzed up and down Highland Avenue keeping pedestrians and cars off the street.  Without notice of when the President would actually arrive, some people waited for over an hour to see the President.  A tow truck removed the last remaining car on Highland Avenue, eventually all traffic was cleared and streets were blocked off to vehicles.  On Sea View Avenue, the Piedmont Maintenance Department made four passes with the street sweeper.

A little after five o’clock,  preceded by a motorcade, the President’s car came up Highland Avenue from Moraga Avenue.  He was greeted by American flags, signs for Obama and Romney, and many onlookers. Through the thick car windows, the President could be seen waving to spectators.   The President was scheduled to attend a fundraiser dinner at $35,800 per plate in the Piedmont home of  Wayne Jordan and Quinn Delaney at 5:00 p.m.

On Sea View Avenue, the President’s car was greeted by neighbors who gave a cheer and clapped when it arrived.  After President Obama spoke to about 60 donors at the dinner party, he departed  on a slightly different route to Highland Avenue, followed by a train of white vans full of reporters.  Once again, waving onlookers caught a glimpse of the President.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, City of Piedmont Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments, California Highway Patrol, Oakland Police Department, and the Secret Service, all played a role in providing a safe Piedmont visit for President Obama.

5 Responses to “President Obama Piedmont Visit”

  1. Will the city be publishing information on the cost of this
    Fundraising activity to the city of Piedmont? Although festive, dollar signs were everywhere as you counted all of our force plus sheriff plus city of Oakland police. Does the host of the fundraiser pay for these costs out of the proceeds of the event?

  2. Has this kind of event happened in the past in Piedmont? If so, who picked up the security tab then?

  3. Couldnt agree with Ms. Fenske more. Who pays for all these expenses so Mr. Obama can add to his re-election coffers? I sure hope it isn’t coming out of our tax dollars.

  4. It’s called civic pride and responsibility.

    We live in a community sharing public space and services. Some times we will not agree on how our tax dollars are spent, and other times we will. I was thrilled to watch our president’s motorcade go by, and I’d be thrilled to see Romney’s too. It’s a democracy and elections and campaigning are part of our democratic process.

  5. Don’t all presidential candidates get some sort of federal protection as they campaign? Do campaigns reimburse for that?

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