Aug 9 2012

Run, Hide, Fight to Save Your Life

Will you know what to do if caught up in a public shooting incident? –

The City of Houston, Texas used a $200,000 grant from Homeland Security to produce a safety video that instructs potential victims on protective actions to take in the event of an attack by a gunman.  Due to the recent tragic events in Colorado and Wisconsin, the video was released earlier than anticipated and is going viral on the internet.   Piedmont Police Department Sergeant Brian Haley, who is the City’s terrorism specialist, advises residents that “having any plan is better than no plan,” while emphasizing that these events “are rare.”   Schools, and often workplaces, create plans or procedures for their site.

Editors’ Note:  While offering this public information to our readers, the Piedmont Civic Association has not researched the appropriateness of the suggested actions and leaves decisions to our readers.

 (Video courtesy of CBS)

LINK: Run, Hide, Fight Video

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