Sep 23 2012

Construction of Library Trailer Access Ramp Underway

Construction of an access ramp to the future temporary home of the Piedmont Avenue Branch Library has begun.

The ramp, leading from Echo Avenue,  will take patrons to the side of an old school trailer, the library’s new home.  The library move was planned to be completed by the end of September.  To meet that schedule, will require all renovations and improvements to be completed promptly.

Meanwhile, the Piedmont Avenue Branch Library is still open on 41stStreet.  A “For Lease” sign was installed after the 30-day notice of intent to vacate.  The advertised rental rate returns the property to a market rate of $6,250 per month after three years of subsidized rent for the library, courtesy of the private owner.  (Rent for the past three years in the library building has totaled $100,000–$0 first year, $4,250/m in the 2nd year, $4,900/m this year.)  Beginning this year, the cost of operating the library in the smaller (1600 square feet) trailer is budgeted by the City of Oakland at a total cost of $350,000 for five years, excluding utilities.

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