Oct 7 2012

Molly Morse Wins 500,000 Euro Award in Green Challenge

Piedmont Native’s Green Business Plan Honored –

Molly Morse, who grew up in Piedmont, is the 2012 winner of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, the world’s largest annual award for sustainable entrepreneurship.  Morse received €500,000 ($630,000) to develop her promising green business.  Her company, Mango Materials, uses bacteria to turn methane gas into affordable biodegradable plastic.

A Piedmont High School grad, Morse‘s interest in science began during her early school years at Havens Elementary School. At Cornell University,  she majored in Civil Engineering, and then earned a Master of Science degree at Stanford University in Design Construction Integration (DCI).  Her interests led her to research the anaerobic degradation of bio-composites for the building industry.

Two other finalists, Daan Weddepohl of Amsterdam and Nick Gerritsen from New Zealand, won $125,000 (€100,000) each for their CO2-reducing projects.

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