Oct 7 2012

Now is the Time Urges Superintendent Hubbard

Speak Up on School Parcel Tax Proposal –

School Superintendent Constance Hubbard is urging the public to provide early  input on the next school parcel tax proposal.

“It is important for the public to understand that now is the time to give suggestions and feedback [on the next school parcel tax], and not wait until Nov. 28 when the proposal is up for vote.” (At p. 5.)

Hubbard pointed out that input can be offered to the Board through phone calls and emails, as well as speaking at the Oct. 10, Oct. 24 and Nov. 14 School Board meetings.  Hubbard noted the public should “not wait until the November 28 meeting when the proposal is up for vote.”

An official Piedmont School Board goal is to develop and implement a sustainable plan to balance the District budget based on the principle of, “Over the long term, stabilize the local taxpayers’ share (percentage) of funding the District’s budget by reducing the growth rate of local parcel taxes.” (At p. 5.)  Superintendent Hubbard noted the PUSD is “looking at holding on to what we have.”


  • Oct. 10 – Present options to the School Board and community regarding amount, duration beyond 4 years, escalation options, and exemptions
  • Oct. 24 – School Board provides direction to staff on a draft resolution
  • Nov. 14 – Draft resolution presented to the Board
  • Nov. 28 – Special Board meeting to approve the resolution and ballot
  • Jan. 2013  – School Tax Campaign Committee begins campaign
  • Mar. 2013 – School Parcel Tax Election
  • Nov. 2013 – A second opportunity, if the first parcel tax proposal fails

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