Oct 7 2012

Political Sign Removed Saturday Night

Signs being removed from Piedmont properties –

Shortly before 11p.m. Saturday evening, October  6, a group of teens gathered in front of a Piedmont home.  The family was away for the weekend. Someone in the teen group yanked the “Romney Ryan” yard sign off its metal stand and threw it away.  On Sunday morning the neighbor observing the teen group Saturday evening searched for the sign and found it crumpled.

2 Responses to “Political Sign Removed Saturday Night”

  1. Many Romney signs have been taken. What does it say about those who support the president that they would steal and/or destroy what belongs to others?

  2. Defacing the Romney/Ryan says that the teens aren’t clear on the First Amendment of our Constitution:


    It would also be a terrific lesson in civic responsibility for the teens to apologize to the homeowners.

    However, the act of one group of teens does not condemn all Obama/Biden supporters as being irresponsible scamps.

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