Nov 20 2012

School Board Expands Exemption to All SSI Recipients

Very Low Income Residents Who are Blind, Disabled or Over 65 Exempt from Parcel Tax-

New language in a  resolution to be voted on by the Piedmont School Board on November 28 substantially expands the exemption from the proposed new school parcel tax.  The revised resolution contained in the November 28 School Board packet now covers all persons on Supplemental Security Income for any reason.  The exemption will be available to low- income residents who are blind, disabled, or over 65.

The resolution language previously presented to the Board on November 14 offered a narrower “disability” exemption which applied only to residents who were both low income and disabled.

The new SSI exemption is still discretionary, rather than mandated.  If made available by the District, eligibility will be established by the taxpayer’s annual “SSI Award” letter from the local Social Security office.  In 2012, SSI was limited to those with less than $1,010 of gross monthly incomeEarned, unearned, in-kind, social security, and deemed income, as well as assets, are considered, making it unlikely that many Piedmont residents, even seniors on fixed incomes, would qualify.

A “senior” exemption to the school parcel tax based on age will not be included in the draft resolution. 

11-28-12 Proposed Resolution Language 

Parcel Tax Exemptions: Homeowners who are residing on their property and qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be exempt. This could apply to adults who are blind or disabled, with limited income and resources, as well as to people 65 years of age and older without disabilities who meet the income limits prescribed by SSI. Individuals seeking such exemption must submit an application to the District, including proof that the individual has been determined to be eligible for SSI by the Social Security Administration, on or before July 1 of each tax year. The District shall provide a list to the Tax Collector on an annual basis, on or before a date established by the Tax Collector of each year, of the parcels which the District has approved for the SSI Exemption, as described herein.

See full resolution in 11-28-12 packet


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    If the School Board has genuine concern for retirees on fixed incomes a senior exemption is more realistic. I suggest either a lower overall tax similar to San Marino’s $1,169 fixed tax and/or a partial senior exemption.

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