Feb 11 2013

School Board Considers Expenditure of $5 Million for New Projects

At the February 13 Piedmont Board of Education meeting in Council Chambers, City Hall,  the Board will consider the following:



Memo from Constance Hubbard, Superintendent
Michael Brady, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
Randall Booker, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

The Seismic Safety Bond Program (SSBP) was completed on time and within the
Program Budget of $69,156,161, which included $56 M in local bonds, City and
community funds of $1.2 M, and State “matching” modernization funds of $12.7 M.
The final budget for the SSBP was presented and approved at the Board Meeting of
January 23, 2013.

Because the District received more than the $12.7M in State Modernization funds
including allocations for new construction and AB 300 seismic funds, the District
was able to address issues in site projects either during the seismic work or
immediately following completion of the seismic project. For example, some
technology and communication infrastructure work was completed while the seismic
issues were addressed at each of the elementary sites. It made sense to address
issues beyond the minimum seismic strengthening requirements while walls were
open. Likewise funds were used or are earmarked for HVAC systems and roofs that
were not required to be addressed as part of the SSBP. The Board also authorized
the development of design work on Alan Harvey Theater to address accessibility
issues as well as its use as a teaching and learning facility. Fencing, key/locks
systems, integrated fire alarm systems, non-structural seismic hazards were also
addressed concurrently with the SSBP, using the additional Modernization Funds
received from the State.

Until the SSBP was finalized and the additional high-priority issues were completed,
the requests for additional projects to be addressed have been put on hold. The
projects under consideration by the Board include:
 Pay down of debt-service on bonds
 Address safety issues K-12 including fencing, communications systems
 Upgrade of the District Technology Infrastructure
 Retaining wall on Bonita Avenue
 Gardens/Playgrounds at Elementary sites
 Learnscape at PMS
 Construction of Alan Harvey Theater design proposal

The Board has heard presentations on some of these possible projects, including:
paying down debt-service; technology infrastructure; PMS Learnscape (this
evening); enhancing school security; and roof replacement. Information on
gardening and playgrounds, additional safety needs as they are identified, and the
Alan Harvey Theater design are in process/scheduled to be presented to the Board
for consideration over the next two months.

Now that the Seismic Safety Bond Program has been completed, use of the
remaining State modernization money — for the projects mentioned above or any
other projects identified by the Board – will be under the new “District Modernization

Following the Seismic Safety Bond Program Model
The SSBP is an excellent model for the District Modernization Program. In the
SSBP, the Project Team developed detailed budgets, sources of revenue, and
schedules for each project, and used that complete information to make decisions
about the scope and sequencing of the overall Program. Also, much of the success
of the SSBP is attributable to the professional construction management services
and State funding consultants who shepherded the SSBP from start to finish, and to
the SSBP Steering Committee which regularly reviewed decisions concerning
individual projects with a view of the overall program.

To achieve the same high quality work, timely completion, and maximization of
State matching funds in the new Modernization Program, the District hopes to
follow the model set by the SSBP — developing complete information for each of the
possible projects before defining the scope and schedule of the overall program;
and using the same team of construction management and finance consultants to
help manage the program.

Developing Complete Cost Information
The scope and sequence of each proposed modernization project, including cost
projections that include construction and non-construction costs, have not yet been
clearly defined. All projects require some degree of design and construction
management that is in addition to that which District personnel have the expertise
or time to devote. The costs associated with design, construction management,
debt-service management and associated fee requirements (e.g., Division of the
State Architect processing fees) need to be considered as the Board considers
whether and how to proceed with the proposed modernization projects. Although
some projects, including the Alan Harvey Theatre and school gardens, may involve
private fundraising to augment District funding, that private funding may not cover
the District’s non-construction costs.

All proposals are being considered by the Modernization Steering Committee that
includes: two Board Members, Rick Raushenbush and Roy Tolles; Assistant
Superintendent Michael Brady; Grier Graff, Architect and Chair of the SBBP
citizens Oversight Committee; Construct Manager, Pete Palmer of Vila
Construction; Julie Moll for communication and coordination; and architectural and
design professionals as needed. The Steering Committee is developing complete
cost information so that the Board can consider all of these possible projects at

The Board may wish to schedule a Special Meeting to discuss all of the options to
provide direction to staff for the development of the Modernization Program. The
Board will be requested to approve a Program that details each project to be
considered, defined scope and sequence, budget allocations that include
contingencies and all associated costs, and a timeline.

The Board will be requested to review the proposal for the development of the
Modernization Program and to provide direction to staff as to next steps.

Information from January 23, 2013 Board Meeting detailing origins of $5 million.

http://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us/aboutpusd/agenda.minutes/2011_12/1-23-13background.pdf    Scroll down to  Superintendent’s REPORT ON COMPLETION OF SEISMIC SAFETY BOND PROGRAM  

Immediately following the Seismic Safety Bond Program report is a Superintendent’s report: REVIEW REPAYMENT OPTIONS FOR BOND ANTICIPATION NOTES

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