Feb 12 2013

OPINIONS: Support for Measure A

We’ve all been moved to tears looking at a photograph, felt our hearts race listening to music, been entertained by theater and movies. The Arts are how we talk to each other — how we speak about things for which we cannot find the words. Why would we not want this for our children? We proudly support Measure A & all the teachers who enable our children to explore our world through the arts.

 Pete & Amanda Doctor, Piedmont Residents


I just finished reading the Final Summary Report of Piedmont’s Seismic Safety Program.

It was great to see what a diverse collection of citizens supported the good work of the school district at various points in its progress. Once again I feel blessed to live in a community where PUSD leadership and citizen participation combine for a positive outcome.

I am equally encouraged to know that PUSD Administrators have made oversight and accountability a major consideration for passage of Measure A, the school support tax, by specifically soliciting citizens to serve on a subcommittee of 3 to 5 Piedmont taxpayers who will review and report on Measure A revenue and expenditures.

Dana Serleth


With a real estate practice in Piedmont, we are particularly tuned in to the direct effect high achieving school districts have on real estate values. The relationship between housing prices and local public schools and services has been widely studied and established. In an economic downturn, Piedmont homes have maintained value in large part because we are a community that prioritizes high quality services for all our citizens, including, our youth, our seniors and every age in between.

 Measure A will keep Piedmont schools strong by renewing a stable, locally controlled source of funding. All money raised by Measure A will stay in Piedmont to support our local schools. It cannot be taken away by the State or used for other purposes.

 Join us in voting YES on Measure A.

 Debbi Di Maggio and Adam Betta, Piedmont Residents

Editors’ Note: The opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Piedmont Civic Association. PCA does not support or oppose ballot measures or candidates for public office.

One Response to “OPINIONS: Support for Measure A”

  1. Measure B, the current Parcel Tax measure, will not expire until July 2014. It currently provides adequate funding for the Piedmont schools, something we all support.

    When Measure A is defeated in March 2013, Measure B will continue in place. No teachers will have to be laid off. No programs will have to be curtailed.

    What WILL have to be done is for the Piedmont school board to re-craft a measure that provides an equitable and uniform method of funding; provides a meaningful voluntary senior exemption; and provides transparency.

    Measure A has been rushed through and relies on misinformation to create an false sense of urgency.

    Provide adequate school funding … by all means. Take the time to ensure that all property owners are treated equitably and uniformly.

    Vote NO on Measure A in March and give the voters a chance to consider a fair and equitable parcel tax in November.

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