Feb 23 2013

New Finance Human Resources Director is Appointed

Erick Cheung Selected by City Council- 

On February 19, the City Council appointed Erick Cheung as Piedmont Finance/Human Resources Director, effective March 6, 2013, to replace outgoing Finance Director Mark Bichsel. Since  Bichsel’s retirement is effective March 15, there will be a one week overlap, so he can assist Mr. Cheung in the transition, which is occurring during the City’s 2013-14 budget preparation process.  According to the City Charter the proposed budget is to be presented to the City Council by May 15 annually.  Budget workshops and a public hearing will be held prior to the June 30 adoption of the budget. 

  • Mr. Cheung’s salary will be set at $140,000.04, which is less than that of outgoing Director Mark Bichsel.  (The 2012-13 budget lists the Finance Director at $155,628)
  • Mr. Cheung will receive a retirement plan with CalPERS in the 2% at 60 plan based on averaged three highest years, which is a significant reduction from the 3% at 60 plan paid to Bichsel.  
  • Mr. Cheung will be advanced 14 days of sick leave at the beginning of employment. In the event it is needed early on, however, the accrual rate is as per the City’s usual practices.
  •  Mr. Cheung will be reimbursed the costs for continuing education to maintain his license as a Certified Public Accountant as well as the cost of the actual licensing fee.

Erick Cheung was previously Finance Manager at the Contra Costa Transportation Authority.   To view Mr. Cheung’s additional contract information click here.

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