Mar 7 2013

Measure A Chairs Praise Piedmonters

A is for Appreciative – Thank You, Piedmont!

Measure A was approved by 77% of voters in the March 5th Special Election

Dear Piedmont Community,

With the passage of Measure A we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for once again demonstrating your strong commitment to Keep Our Schools Strong.  You have just ensured 8 years of stable, locally controlled funding for our school district.

Seeing and talking with friends and neighbors on the campaign trail has been tremendously rewarding for everyone involved with the effort, and we feel honored to have received the community’s trust and support.

The A Team volunteers who undertook the hard work of helping to reach out to everyone deserve a standing ovation.  Piedmont is privileged to have a volunteer corps of such integrity and dedication working on behalf of the schools.

As a community, Piedmont should feel extremely proud of its support of quality public education – it is part of what makes us unique and special.  The 77% approval rate for Measure A, a uniform tax that does not favor or exempt anyone (except those with an SSI hardship exemption), is consistent with our historically high passage rates for school support taxes, and demonstrates Piedmont’s collective commitment to local schools unrivaled by any other community in the state.

Investing in education helps our community, our children, and our future.  The outstanding quality of our local schools makes Piedmont a desirable place for families to move and raise their children.  At the same time, it protects our property values and builds community.

Thank you, Piedmont – your support and investment ensure that our town will continue to be known for its excellent schools.

With deep appreciation,

Katie Korotzer and Doug Ireland
Measure A Campaign Co-Chairs

One Response to “Measure A Chairs Praise Piedmonters”

  1. As one of the individuals who participated in the attempt to prevent Measure A from passing, I .. and we … wish to reiterate what we always said. We fully supported and continue to support adequate funding for Piedmont’s excellent schools.

    We disagreed on the manner in which this financial support will be levied on the property-owning citizens, not the funding itself.

    We would like to thank the more than 1,000 voters who felt that Measure A was not the way to go. That represented about a quarter of the number of votes that were cast.

    Our efforts, which were conducted with virtually no funding, had the effect of getting beyond the emotion and dealing with the facts:

    • $2,406 per parcel is the most regressive possible tax and a higher percentage burden on the smaller properties while rewarding the largest parcels.
    • A per square foot basis would have been more equitable and likely legally permissible.
    • There is no meaningful senior exemption granted to those who would voluntary elect one. Most other districts use an age-only qualification. We continue to think the federal very low income guideline as used in neighboring cities is appropriate for Piedmont.

    The voters have spoken. I sincerely hope that the School Board keeps in mind that they have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Piedmont to ensure the most prudent use of the very large tax that they will be spending.

    Again, thanks to all who participated in what has to have been the most spirited school parcel tax election in some time.

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