Mar 7 2013

Organization Presidents Thank Measure A Volunteers and Supporters

Dear Piedmont Community,

Over the last few months, an extraordinary effort has been made to engage our community in a public discourse concerning the funding of a quality education for our district.

Measure A was passed as a result of those conversations.

Now, our children are assured the continuation of an excellent education.And families will continue to flock to Piedmont for the stellar school system we are dedicated to supporting.

On behalf of The Associated Parent Club of Piedmont (APCP), it is with great admiration that we offer sincere appreciation to you, for supporting Measure A. We’d also like to recognize all the campaign committee members and volunteers — we know how hard you worked — for many months. Your dedication ensured the successful passage of this vital measure.


Dane Copeland, President, Piedmont High School Parents’ Club

Ellen Mann, President, Millennium High School Parents’ Club

Shirley Rexrode, President Piedmont Middle School Parents’ Club

Jen Wilson, President, Beach Parent Organization

Sara Valkonen, President, Havens Parent Club

Stacy Ramsdell, President, Wildwood Parents’ Club

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