Mar 21 2013

AC Transit Considers Lowering Fares and Increasing Transbay Service

Reduced Local Fares May Lure Riders-

With an ever present tight budget, AC Transit is considering a dramatic change.  The Board is looking at lowering  fares from $2.10 a ride to $2.00 on local lines to encourage more people to ride buses.  Historically, every increase in fares has resulted in fewer riders.  Buses with numerous seats available provide an opportunity to increase ridership and revenue at minimal cost to the agency.

AC Transit Board President Greg Harper, Piedmont’s representative on the Board, said in a statement, “I am glad we are now taking a long-term view of this because sometimes a 15-percent increase in fares does not mean a 15-percent increase in revenue.”

“Although Harper and other board members said they are intrigued by the possibility of lowering fares, they said they need more information about possible funding and fiscal impacts before taking action on any of the staff recommendations.”

The staff recommends that AC Transit focus its service in key ‘trunk’ corridors with the greatest potential for increasing ridership and reducing congestion. Also discussed was augmenting transbay service to San Francisco, possibly including an additional route along Oakland’s Fruitvale Avenue. The added transbay service would help respond to overcrowding problems being experienced on BART’s transbay trains, which have been operating at standing-room-only capacity.

“In April, staff will provide the Board a more definitive proposal for the revisions to the fare policy changes, and a schedule for a public hearing so riders and others can voice their concerns.”

Comments can be sent to the Board of Directors through the AC Transit Secretary at or to Piedmont’s representative on the Board Greg Harper.


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