Apr 24 2013

School Parcel Tax Advisory Committee: April 26

The Piedmont School Parcel Tax Advisory Committee will hold its final meeting on Friday, April 26, at 4 p.m.  in the Piedmont Unified School District Administration Office, 760 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont.

 Since the current school parcel taxes Measures B and E are being replaced by the recently approved Measure A (approved by Piedmont voters in March 2013), the Advisory Committee, which was appointed by the School Board in 2009, has completed its charge, and its members will no longer serve.

Aside from the agenda below, no staff reports have been provided, and the meeting will not be videotaped or broadcast on KCOM.  Interested individuals must attend the meeting in person to hear the discussion. 


A. Call to Order Chair Ken Jensen

B. Establish Quorum (at least 4 members) Chair

C. Introduction / Welcome Chair / All

D. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 12/11/2012 Chair/ All

E. Remarks by the Superintendent Constance Hubbard

F. Final Comments by Members of the CAC Chair/All

a. Chair Ken Jensen

b. Former Chair Jon Elliott

c. Other members of CAC

F. [G.] Discussion of 2013 CAC Report Content Chair / All

G. [H.] Adjournment Chair

• Draft Minutes for meeting of 12/11/2013 (to be handed out at meeting)


2 Responses to “School Parcel Tax Advisory Committee: April 26”

  1. I do hope that the minutes of these discussions will be made public for all to read on sites such as this one.

  2. I’m waiting!

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