Apr 29 2013

Art Center Proposal for 801 Magnolia East Wing

A Place for Piedmonters of All Ages – 

In response to the City Council’s request for proposals for the East Wing of 801 Magnolia Avenue, the Piedmont Center for the Arts has proposed “creating a place for Piedmonters of all ages to gather together for enrichment and enjoyment”  and, in addition, to finance the entire renovation, as well as pay for janitorial services, insurance, security services and internet access in the East Wing.

The Art Center’s proposal will be considered by the Council at its May 6 meeting, along with a previous proposal by City Recreation Director Mark Delventhal to use the East Wing for a childcare facility.  Any use must adhere to the Piedmont Zoning code which limits usage to non-profit purposes.

Following is the Center for the Arts proposal: 


In March, 2011, we formed our nonprofit corporation to lease the old Christian Science Church from the City of Piedmont, renovate it, and run it as a community arts center.  The City Council, perhaps wanting to see how these events would turn out, would only give us a 10 year lease (We had asked for 15 years.) and would only rent a portion of the building to us.  The property has zoning restrictions which affect who can rent the property.

Ever since opening our doors on August 25, 2011, we have been completely successful in creating a beautiful space and filling it with programs, artists and classes in fulfillment of our mission to serve the community as an arts center.  In this very short time the Center has become a valued Piedmont asset.  With 100% volunteer effort, the Center manages multiple usages and programming of its one Main Hall and two side galleries.

Our current programs could use more space.  We have received many wonderful requests and suggestions from community members on expanding our programs and adding new ones.  Our intention is to respond to the citizen proposals we have received (and to all others as well) as well as to expand our current programs.   To do this will require more space.


The Piedmont Center thus proposes to lease the entire East Wing of 801 Magnolia for a term to run concurrently with the remaining term of the existing lease between The City and The Center (approximately 8-1/2 years remaining).  The Center would, at its own expense and with no cost to the City, undertake the needed renovation of the East Wing including architectural modifications suitable for its proposed programs (detailed on the attached Schedule A).  The Center would extend janitorial services, insurance, security services and internet to the East Wing.

The Center would oversee usage and programming of the East Wing space in a manner similar to its current management of the existing Center building, and according to our mission of creating a place for Piedmonters of all ages to gather together for enrichment and enjoyment.   In order to accommodate all of the citizen requests and suggestions received, The Center would, at a minimum, accomplish and oversee the following:

a)    Open, Senior clubhouse hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-3 every week.

b)   Dance and Art workshops/seminars geared specifically to Seniors in terms of content and hours offered.

c)    Providing rehearsal space for a community orchestra.

d)   Creation of a film/screening venue for community use.

e)    Daytime and evening art classes

f)     On-going photography classes, workshops and displays

g)    A permanent closet designed and built for storage of the City’s bound property records.

h)   Wall space in the East Wing dedicated to usage by The Piedmont Historical Society.


1.     Removal of existing plaid carpeting throughout the East Wing.

2.     Installation of new “Pergo-style” flooring in the main, large room.

3.     Installation of carpeting on steps, hallways and offices to match existing in the Hall Gallery.

4.     Construction of closet for City Records (working in conjunction with representatives from The Piedmont Historical Society).

5.     Addition of two sinks and counters enclosed by closets along the eastern wall.

6.     Creation of storage closet.

7.     Cleaning and servicing of existing furnace

8.     Improvement of existing electrical system, including additional lighting and appropriate receptacles.

9.     Removal of ivy on exterior of eastern side of building; patching and painting to match existing body color of front of building.

10.  Repair of broken windows and replacement as needed.

11.  Painting of interior of main, large room.

All of the above-listed work will be done with any and all required permits.

Piedmont Center for the Arts

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