Jun 19 2013


At approximately 11:20 this morning [June 19, 2013], a PG&E gas line in the intersection of Glen Alpine Road and Sotelo Avenue was ruptured by a construction crew. Since that time, the Piedmont Fire Department has been on scene monitoring the situation. Residents in the immediate area were notified of the leak and requested to stay indoors. 
The Police Department has Glen Alpine / Sotelo Loop closed to all vehicle traffic, but residents are able to access the area on foot. When PG&E caps the leak, the loop will be reopened, except for the immediate area in which PG&E and the construction crew are working.
At this time there is no immediate danger to persons or property. PG&E expects the leak will be contained within the hour. PG&E crews will be on scene until at least midnight completing repairs and monitoring the situation.
Information provided by the Police Department at approximately 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 19. 

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