Jun 25 2013

Linda Beach Playfield Restrictions: July 1

The City Council will consider proposed changes to the City Code. – 

During the past 5 years, numerous hearings and much consideration by the Recreation Commission has resulted in a recommendation to the City Council on how to effectively meet community needs for the Linda Beach Playfield.   The Commission’s recommendations call for the field to be divided into two clearly marked half-fields designated by signage. One half-field would exclude competitive games and be limited to casual use by families or children.  The other half-field would permit competitive games within its boundaries and would be limited to 12 participants at any one time.  Full length soccer games on the field would be prohibited except by advance permit.

Following the public hearing in the City Council Chambers, 120 Vista Avenue.  Monday, July 1, 2013 at 7:30 p.m., the Council will consider restrictions for Linda Beach Playfield.   The meeting will be broadcast live on KCOM-TV, Channel 27 and live streamed on the City website www.ci.piedmont.ca.us.  After the meeting recordings will be available on the City website.

Staff report

Comments may be sent to the Piedmont City Council, c/o City Clerk 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, CA  94611 or emailed to the City Clerk John Tulloch at jtulloch@ci.piedmont.ca.us.

For further information contact City Recreation Director Mark Delventhal at 420-3073 or City Clerk John Tulloch at 420-3041.


One Response to “Linda Beach Playfield Restrictions: July 1”

  1. The problem of the hi-jacking of the Linda Beach playfield by aggressive out-of-two soccer players has been going on for nearly a decade now. A statute was enacted in 2008 that was designed to correct the issue and allow equal use by local families. Unfortunately the statute was not enforced and although residents often saw and reported violation of the statute, that more than 12 adults were playing an organized game, the Piedmont Rec. Dept. reported there were no violations. The Piedmont Police, when called by residents, did not respond to the violations. Enforcement is the critical issue for whatever is enacted Monday night by City Council. Past efforts were not enforced, will future schemes receive the same treatment?

    This past Saturday, a lovely evening, at 7:50pm I walked by Linda Field and counted minimally 16 players utilizing the entire field. Another 13 were on the sidelines and many of these were kicking balls around. All appeared over 18 and there were no other users at Linda Beach.

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