Jun 25 2013

Piedmont and Other California Public Employee Salary and Benefit Costs in 2012

The San Jose Mercury News has once again offered a searchable database of California public employee salary and benefit costs in 2012.  Individual public employees are listed by name and title with their salary, overtime, lump sum payouts, taxpayer paid medical/dental/vision plans, taxpayer paid pension plan, taxpayer paid “pickup” of employee contribution to pension plan, taxpayer paid 401k or 403b plans, other non-cash costs of employee.  The final column shows the total cost to taxpayers of that individual employee.

To use the database:

  • Choose a county and city, school district or agency
  • For large entities, choose the above and a department
  • Search an individual public employee within a county, city or agency
  • Search employees by gross compensation to learn the highest paid in an entity 

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