Sep 8 2013

Bike and Pedestrian Plan Consultant Presents Process

Piedmont’s Planning Commission will receive a briefing on the bicycle/pedestrian plan contract tasks and timeline by the City’s new consultant, Niko Letunic of Eisen-Letunic. The initial phase to be completed by mid-September will be a “review and summary of existing local conditions and issues related to walking and bicycling.” The second phase will be “an assessment of the barriers, challenges and opportunities related to walking and bicycling in Piedmont.” The proposed plan is expected to be submitted to the City by June 2014.

At the Planning Commission meeting, the presentation will begin with an explanation of the funding of the $120,000 contract — $102,000 grant from the Alameda County Transportation Commission (CTC) and $18,000 from the City’s existing Measure B bike/pedestrian funds.

The public is invited to attend the Planning Commission meeting at 5 pm on Monday, September 9 in the Council Chamber.

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