Sep 11 2013

OPINION: Wieler Seeks Re-election to City Council

The following is a press release from Jeff Wieler:

Jeff Wieler announces his candidacy for the February 2014  City Council Election:

I am pleased to be seeking reelection to the Piedmont City Council. I love living in Piedmont and I’m passionate about helping the city continue to be the wonderful community it is. I’ve put that passion to work over the past two decades as a community volunteer, serving on a wide array of civic committees and commissions, including the Civil Service Commission, Municipal Tax Committee, Ad Hoc Library Committee, Civic Center Committee, and Park Commission. I’ve also been proud to represent Piedmont on the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency.

As a member of the City Council, I have been deeply engaged in all aspects of the council’s decision-making, with a particular focus on responsible financial management. This reflects both my professional experience – I have a XX-year career in finance and an MBA from Harvard Business School – and my personal belief that there is no more serious duty for an elected official than careful, prudent management of public finances. This is especially true in the current economic environment, and I look forward to helping the city remain on strong fiscal footing.

I’m proud to be supported by a supermajority of the members of the Budget Advisory Committee. I’d also note that the recently retired city finance director Mark Bichsel has called me “one of the most productive Council members and volunteers that Piedmont has ever had. Jeff …would take a problem, shake it, and come up with a creative solution.” I fully intend to continue shaking the problems – and opportunities – that Piedmont will face in the next four years and finding creative ways to keep our city great.

Our city will have a new City Administrator shortly after the election; three department heads and a number of important middle-management employees are close to retirement age. I believe that my long experience in the community and at City Hall can help provide continuity and institutional memory during this time of transition.

I am honored to be supported by Mayor John Chiang and former mayors Michael Bruck, Valerie Matzger, Patty White, Susan Hill, Katy Foulkes, Abe Friedman, and Skip Rhodes. If re-elected, I promise to maintain an open mind, listening to all points of view, recognizing valid points and working to incorporating those ideas into public policy.

I would be happy to answer any questions and to hear what Piedmonters want to see the Council achieve in the next four years. I can be reached at: 420 – 3040, or by email at You can also go to my website:

Editors’ Note: The Piedmont Civic Association does not support or oppose candidates for public office.  PCA welcomes information about candidates and their campaigns.

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