Sep 24 2013

Three House Fire on Maxwelton Road

– Helicopters, sirens, and a rapid response – 

Residents in central Piedmont on Tuesday afternoon, September 24 wondered why helicopters were hovering overhead from approximately 3 to 3:30 pm.  Based on verbal statements,  a fire was reported on Maxwelton Road to the Piedmont Fire Department (PFD) at 2:25 pm. The  response was immediate, but the fire was well advanced and had consumed the house and threatened the neighboring properties. Eight PFD officers with the assistance of the  Oakland Fire Department had the entire blaze rapidly under control. The apparent origin of the fire was at 150 Maxwelton Road, which was reported to be a complete loss. Two neighboring houses suffered roof damage, smoke permeation and other unknown losses. This is the most serious Piedmont fire since the devastating Oakland Hills firestorm of 1991, Fire Chief Warren McLaren told NBC news.

No one was injured.

The PFD intended to remain at the site of the fire throughout the ensuing night to arrest potential sparks or flame ups.

The three circling helicopters were news media.

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