Dec 12 2013

Blair Park Schematic Design Considered December 12

Restoration Design Group’s (RDG) schematic design for Blair Park was presented to the Park Commission on Thursday, December 12.  The public was encouraged to attend.         Submit comments to

The Friends of Moraga Canyon (FOMC) have commented on the schematic design, noting discrepancies with the terms of the City’s Blair Park Improvement Plan contract with RDG. One omission they note is the failure to include a pathway through the park. Read the complete FOMC list of omissions/ deviations from the contract.

RDG schematic design for Blair Park

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  1. from the RDG scope of work:

    Task 5 ‐ Design Plans & Review Phases

    RDG will complete and submit construction documents to the City with reviews at the 30% and 80% phase.

    The 30% submittal will included, at a minimum, the survey work completed, layout plan showing existing pathways, and opportunity areas for new plantings or enhancement to existing trees/vegetation, trees to be removed that are in poor health, identification of existing trees to remain, trees in need of pruning, areas for weed abatement and invasive plant removal, and problem erosion control issues. Upon review by the City, RDG will attend one meeting to review the Cityʹs comments.

    Following comments from the 30% submittal the RDG will complete the improvement plans to the 80% complete phase. At a minimum, this will include plan sheets of the proposed site improvements, plant species identified, pathway design, erosion control measures designed, draft specification sections (in CSI format) identified, and details completed. RDG will also include a preliminary cost estimate.

    It seems that the pathway design will be included in the 80% phase.

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