Feb 4 2014

Election Results: School Board, Council and Measure A

School Board candidates Smith and Ireland won easily.  King topped the Council election returns followed by Rood and then Wieler. Measure A, the refinance of a City pension fund obligation through bonds, won big. 

On February 4, 2014, Piedmont election results were quickly tabulated.

School Board candidates Amal Smith and Doug Ireland readily won election over Hari Titan.   In the uncontested Council election, Teddy King had the highest number of votes, followed by Tim Rood, and then incumbent Jeff Wieler. The ballot results show hundreds of voters did not cast all allowed votes.

Measure A, the City measure to authorize the issuance of bonds to refinance the CalPERS Side Fund pension obligation received approval by 83% of the those voting on the measure.  This large margin of approval negates any question relative to the percentage required for approval of the measure, as it meets all discussed requirements – over 50% or 66.66%.

The unofficial final election results as reported by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters follow:*

City Council (Vote for 3)
NP – TIM ROOD 1621   33.63%
NP – TEDDY KING 1696   35.19%
NP – JEFF WIELER 1489   30.89%
Write-In 14      .29%
  School Board (Vote for 2)
NP – AMAL SMITH 1879   44.90%
NP – DOUG IRELAND 1695   40.50%
NP – HARI TITAN 606   14.48%
Write-In 5       .12%
Measure A – PERS Side Fund Refinance Authorization
YES 1940   82.91%
NO 400   17.09%
6 of 6 Precincts – Unofficial Final Results 9:28:13PM

* NP signifies “No Party” designation in the race.

Many voters cast their ballots through the Vote by Mail (VBM) option.  At 8:00pm when the polls closed, the VBM results were released, as follows:

City Council (Vote for 3)
NP – TIM ROOD 1193   32.82%
NP – TEDDY KING 1263   34.75%
NP – JEFF WIELER 1166   32.08%
Write-In 13       .36%
  School Board (Vote for 2)
NP – AMAL SMITH 1422   45.62%
NP – DOUG IRELAND 1295   41.55%
NP – HARI TITAN 395   12.67%
Write-In 5       .16%
Measure A – PERS Side Fund Refinance Authorization
YES 1447   83.02%
NO 296   16.98%
Reported: Vote By Mail Results 8:00:11PM

There are 8,268  registered voters in Piedmont.  Mailed ballots cast were 1,895 or 22.92% of all registered voters.  Voters who cast their vote at the polls numbered 649.  Total ballots cast were 2,544 or 30.77% of the registered voters.

Final official voting tabulations will not be certified for days.  Precinct results can be viewed on the City website.

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  1. Congratulations to all the candidates elected today.

    Tim and Teddy bring fresh new perspectives to the City Council and have demonstrated their willingness to listen closely to all community groups before making difficult decisions.

    On March 1 we’ll have a new City Administrator too.

    It’s like Spring has arrived early.

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