Feb 6 2014

$40,000 Moraga Avenue Landslide Settlement

On Friday, April 13, 3012, Moraga Avenue was closed for a day and a half due to a landslide from 3 Maxwelton Road.  The slide not only closed the street, it also took out power to neighbors.

The City made several requests that the property owners and their insurance company pay the cleanup costs. When no payment was forthcoming by April 2013, the City filed suit against the property owners to recover the landslide cleanup costs. The settlement agreement announced Thursday, February 6 ends that suit.

The City spent approximately $57,000 in direct expenses and staff time to clear the roadway and manage the hillside stabilization and reconstruction. The City Council decided that it was more prudent to settle the case now and recover $45,000 ($40,000 settlement of the suit plus $5,000 previously paid by the homeowners) of the landslide cleanup costs without the risk of uncertain results and the legal expense of a trial.

Read the settlement agreement.

Read the City announcement.

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  1. Good decision.

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