Feb 10 2014

Geoff Grote Retirement

After 25 years as Piedmont’s City Administrator, Geoff Grote was honored February 7 at the Piedmont Community Center by a large gathering of well wishers,  who payed $25 each to attend his retirement celebration.IMG_0798

Grote’s longevity in the top job of a public entity is an anomaly.  The position of City Administrator or City Manager has generally been known as short-termed. His long tenure speaks to his ability to work with a wide range of individuals.

Grote, who came to Piedmont in 1989, worked with many councilmembers and mayors, staff members and the community.   Those present at his retirement celebration gave him a grand sendoff with praise and gratitude. Past and present staff members applauded his abilities and work ethic.  Resolutions from elected officials were read by Mayor John Chiang, who was later praised by Grote as a true leader. Chiang is also soon to retire from the City Council.

Grote was given a blue vase replicating the blue vase in Piedmont’s Exedra.  Many of Piedmont’s mayors who Grote had worked under gave him a gift certificate to the French Laundry restaurant in Yountville.

Administrative Assistant Lisa Argue, who has been working in her position for two years, praised Grote for handling all individuals in a professional manner. She noted that in the time she has sat outside his office,  Grote has always been respectful to others, never giving her any sense of his personal view of those with whom he met. 

Retired Recreation Director, Mark Delventhal, was given surprise recognition by former mayor Susan Hill, Council member Bob McBain, and Piedmont Post Editor and Publisher, Gray Cathrall, who thanked him for him for his over 40 years of service to Piedmont. Delventhal had turned down an opportunity to have his own retirement celebration.  The crowd greeted him with applause.

Ever present at City celebrations was retired City Attorney George Peyton, tending the wine table, while retired City Clerk Ann Swift kept the buffet tables full of her prepared delicacies.

Grote did not indicate his plans while in retirement.

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