Feb 22 2014

BART Derailment Delays Should End Sunday

A BART train derailed on the Pittsburg Bay Point line near the Concord Station at 6:30 pm on Friday evening, February 19.  The train had no passengers on board because it was headed to the Concord Yard.  The lone driver was not injured.

The cars of the train blocked tracks in both directions and overhung the elevated support. Service disruption on the Pittsburg Bay Point line is expected to continue at least through the weekend. The train was removed from the track with a crane on Saturday. Work then began on repairing the damaged tracks and the third rail. As of Saturday night Concord station remain closed and service adjustments in effect. BART announced an estimate to return to normal service on the Pittsburg Bay Point line on Sunday, February 23.

This is not the first derailment in that location in Concord. On March 13, 2011 a 10-car train bound for San Francisco International Airport with 65 passengers on board derailed in the same location.

Read more and see photos on San Francisco Chronicle website.

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