Apr 15 2014

Piedmont Meets Significant Housing Production Goals

– Upbeat Report to the Planning Commission by Consultant –

A part of the City’s Master Plan Housing Element update must include an evaluation of the current objectives with actual accomplishments. At the Monday, April 14 Piedmont Planning Commission meeting, Barry Miller, Piedmont’s Zoning Consultant, presented an interim accounting of how well Piedmont is doing in meeting it assigned housing production targets.

Miller reassured Commissioners about the City’s accomplishments in response to the Association of Bay Area Governments Required Housing Needs Allocation for Piedmont in the 2007-2014 period. In the spotlighted segment of “very low” income housing units, Piedmont actually exceeded its assigned obligation, approving 14 units, with construction completed for 13.

Miller noted the expectation that more units may be completed by the end of 2014, when the final housing production figures will be tallied. The “very low” income second units are exempt from the requirement to provide parking, so they have proved to be the most popular second units for Piedmont homeowners to create.

In other income sectors, housing unit production lagged, probably due to the poor economy, according to Miller. The City exceeded its obligation to facilitate “above moderate” income housing, approving 13 luxury homes. However, only one house was constructed thus far. Excess “very low” income housing units produced may be credited against any other category that falls short.

In May, Miller will present a report on the “Constraints” chapter of the Housing Element update to the Planning Commission. At a June date yet to be determined, a Town Hall meeting on the entire draft will be held at the Community Hall.

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