Apr 23 2014

Looking for a Mailbox

– Piedmonters miss their late afternoon mail pickup. –

For a number of residents of Piedmont, the elimination of the 5 p.m. mail pickup at the drive up mailboxes on Highland Way was a shock on April 15 as they tried to mail their tax returns. The pickup there was 12:30 p.m., 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays and 1 p.m. on Saturday. Beginning this month, April, the last pick up is 12 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For all but the Vista Avenue mailbox in front of City Hall, which has a 4 p.m. pickup, there are no mailbox pickups in Piedmont later than 1 p.m., and most Piedmont mailbox pickups are even earlier. Outside Piedmont, the  latest mailbox pickup is at 8:30 p.m. near the West Oakland BART station at 1675 7th West Oakland.

Piedmont mailbox locations:

1333 Grand Ave. near Fairview
300  Highland Ave. between Oakland Ave. and the bus stop
370  Highland Way behind Wells Fargo-the only “drive-up” mailboxes
55 Crocker Ave. at one end of the Hall Fenway
39 La Salle Ave. at St. James
104 Monticello Ave. at Ramona
902 Rose Ave. at Linda Ave.
120 Vista Ave. in front of City Hall
How well do the mailboxes in Piedmont serve residents following the elimination of afternoon pickup service at most locations?
1.  How many days per week do you use a Piedmont mailbox?  (1-6)
2.  Do you usually post mail in the afternoon or the morning?
3.  Will the elimination of a 5 p.m. pickup be detrimental to you or your family?
4.  Will the elimination of afternoon pickup at Highland Way be detrimental to you or your family?
5.  Which mailbox do you use more often – the mailbox at Highland Way or at Vista Avenue in front of City Hall ?
6.  Does a 4 p.m. pickup in front of City Hall serve your mailing needs just as well as 5 p.m.?
7.  Would you prefer the last (4 p.m.) Piedmont pickup to be located at the walk-up Vista Avenue mailbox or at the Highland Way mailboxes which include “drive-up” access?
8.  Do you believe there is adequate parking to be able to conveniently use the mailbox at Vista Avenue (which currently does not provide “drive-up” access)?
Let the City Council know if you need US Postal Service adjustments:
Margaret Fujioka, Mayor mfujioka@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 463-7821
Jeff Wieler, Vice Mayor jwieler@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 428-1648
Teddy Gray King tking@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 450-0890
Robert McBain rmcbain@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 547-0597
Tim Rood trood@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 239-7663

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