May 2 2014

May 10: City Budget Session on Parks, Sidewalks, Roads, Staff Levels, Sewers, Etc.

At the Council’s annual sit-down with City staff, Saturday, May 10,  9 a.m., the Council will review the City Administrator’s proposed 2014-15 Budget.  It has been the practice for the Council to hold the Budget Session in the Emergency Operation Center in the Police Department on Highland Avenue. The location provides a “round table” casual atmosphere leading to budget adoption. Nevertheless, these proceedings will not be recorded or broadcast for offsite viewing.

Those interested in hearing and learning first hand discussions and presentations on where City money might be spent, should attend the meeting.  There will be opportunities for the public to speak and ask questions.  In the past, coffee and donuts have been made available to attendees.

This year some of the items likely to be considered by the Council are:

  • Hampton Field and tennis court reconstruction
  • Roadway pavement, sidewalk and gutter improvements
  • Employee benefits and salaries
  • Staffing levels
  • Piedmont pool maintenance and improvements
  • Pedestrian and Bike Plan implementation
  • Facility repair and maintenance
  • Additional license plate readers
  • Use of sewer fund monies and alternatives
  • Reserve Funds
  • Capital improvements
  • Retirement costs
  • Blair Park regular maintenance and improvements

Prior to adoption of the FY 2014-15 Budget, there will be two City Council public hearings.


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