May 2 2014

Who Is Knocking on Your Door?

What do you do when an unexpected person comes to your door?

Do not open your door unless you can identify the person.

Although Piedmont’s crime rate is low,  from time to time the Piedmont Police Department reminds Piedmonters to call when suspicious activities are occurring in their neighborhood. Solicitors have been known to either not have a permit or be casing your home.

Seniors may be vulnerable to those pretending to be PG&E or utility workers. Residents should not open their doors until individuals are identified through verification.

According to the Police Department, hundreds of solicitation permits are issued each year to various qualifying organizations.  The permits cost $20 and are valid for a year.  Some organizations are exempt from permits under the City Code.

Asking a solicitor what organization they represent is insufficient to verify their status.  The only way to know that a solicitor has the proper permits is to ask the Police Department to stop the individual and ask for their identification and certification.

Given the large number of outstanding solicitation permits and current Police Department procedures, it is important that residents contact the Police at 420-3000 or 911 whenever irregular activities are observed and request the department to check out the activities including those of solicitors. 

The Piedmont Police Department advocates as deterrents to crime the 3 L’s.




For further information on crime prevention, contact the Police Department at 420-3000 for a copy of their latest information or to schedule a neighborhood meeting with a Police Department representative.  The Department provides information on line regarding 9-1-1 calls.

Read the latest Piedmont Crime Report showing a 39% decrease in crimes during the same time period the prior year.

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