May 19 2014

Green Garden Ramble Returns – May 31


         With the Great Drought of 2014 upon us, wise water use has never been more important.  Join Piedmont Connect as we visit beautiful, sustainable gardens that showcase both eye-catching and practical gardening methods.  These stunning and sustainable gardens will delight you with their creative palates, structures and whimsy.

             Garden ramblers in this year’s event will be able to visit 5 or more wonderful examples of sustainable gardening, as well as a local school’s edible garden. The self-guided tour, on Saturday May 31st from 9:00 am to 12 noon, is sponsored by Piedmont Connect, a community group supporting local efforts toward stronger environmental stewardship.
           The Ramble will highlight a variety of approaches to creating gardens that are sensitive to our water and wildlife, focused on California natives and other Mediterranean-climate plants that attract beneficial insects and pollinators. Get inspired by local gardeners who have created dynamic hardscapes using traditional and repurposed ornaments. Expand your garden horizons by seeing what other Piedmonters have done to create enticing kitchen gardens.  The edible garden at Havens Elementary School will also be a stop on the tour, where visitors will see how vegetable gardening can be squeezed into limited space through the use of raised beds and containers.


To register for the Green Garden Ramble at  by May 25th.  A donation of $10 is requested to cover the costs of showcasing these marvelous gardens.

Piedmont Connect is dedicated to building an environmentally sustainable future by providing a forum for people to share ideas and find ways to collaborate. For further information contact us at

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