May 29 2014

Piedmont’s Complex High School Block Schedule Modified

Piedmont’s high schools have had one of the most challenging and complex high school schedules, based on a 7 school day rotation. Students and teachers have frequently been stumped and baffled by the rotating schedule.  Many times students and even teachers had difficulty knowing when assignments were due or test would be given.

Students who struggle to stay organized and lack attention during long classes will find some benefit to the new 5 day schedule: however, the simplicity of daily class meetings remains abandoned.

Screenshot 2014-05-19 17.55.16Both the PHS School Site Council and the PHS/MHS Bell Schedule Committee worked on gathering information, planning, and implementing the five-day bell schedule for next year, according to the email sent to parents. A PHS/MHS staff vote between a modified seven-day bell schedule and the five-day bell schedule also took place, where 93% approved of the five-day bell schedule.

The new bell schedule is designed to better accommodate sports, tutorials, late sleepers, employment, internships, and teacher collaboration.

A further argument included that some PHS/MHS students struggle with organizational and executive functioning skills, and that a five-day bell schedule mirroring a Monday-Friday calendar week would better suit students.

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