May 31 2014

City and School Liaison Meeting: Safety Training, Crossing Guards, School Landscaping, Use Restrictions on School Property June 4

The City and School appointed liaisons, two representatives from the City Council and two from the School Board, will confer on issues of joint interest on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 4:30 p.m. in the City Hall Conference Room, 120 Vista Avenue.

The meeting is open to the public, but is not expected to be broadcast or recorded.

Listed on the agenda are:

1. Discussion of Litter Issues in Piedmont Park

2. Review of Crossing Guard Program

3. Discussion of Safety Training Coordination between Schooolmates and PUSD staff

4. Discussion of Joint Efforts to Increase Participation in the City’s Emergency Notification System

5. Discussion of School District Landscaping Needs

6. Discussion of Enforcement of Use Restrictions on School Property

7. Update on Results of the June 2, 2014 Election

8. Schedule of Future Meetings – Agenda Topics

No meeting materials have been made available.


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