Jun 20 2014

Numerous Candidates for Recreation Director

On June 24, at a Special Meeting, the Council will consider a process for reviewing the candidates for the position of new Recreation Director.  Fifty timely applications were submitted.  To narrow the candidates, the recruiting firm of Peckham and McKenney will conduct preliminary interviews with 10 – 15 leading candidates followed by an internet based screening.

Paul Benoit, City Administrator recommends next steps:

“First, I will engage a small number of individuals (up to five) – likely comprised of representatives from the Recreation Commission, Department Heads, and an outside recreation professional, to assist in narrowing the field presented by Peckham and McKenney. That narrowed field of finalists would be limited to the most qualified candidates, as determined by breadth of experience, education, recommendations and background checks. Those individuals, ideally not more than six, would then be vetted through a formal interview process.

Prior to interviews by the full Council, I would anticipate having two interview panels – one comprised of Department Heads and one comprised of a mix of Community members (Recreation Commission member(s), citizen(s)-at-large) and a recreation professional(s). In addition, I would conduct “one-on-one” interviews with each finalist. Through that process, I would anticipate having consensus on the top two or three candidates who would then be interviewed by the Council, which will select the new Recreation Director.”

The meeting will be broadcast on KCOM Channel 27 and via the City’s website.

Read the full City Administrator’s Report here.

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