Jun 29 2014

Friday, July 4, Parade, Park Program, Chairs, Candy, Block Parties

Piedmont’s long tradition of a fun Fourth of July parade with music, floats, and antique cars laden with public officials will start at 11 a.m. Friday, July 4.

Neighborhoods and numerous organizations will enter floats or walk the route. The parade starts at Park Way Avenue going down Highland Avenue to the Excedra (Blue Vase) in Main Park.

Starting this year, candy thrown by parade participants is prohibited. Children scrambling for loose pieces of candy presented many hazards near marchers and vehicles.  There will be some parade assistants who will walk near reviewers and pass out the ever-desired candy.

The entertainment program in Main Park will begin shortly after the parade ends at approximately 12 noon.  Music, presentations and picnics will be part of the celebration.  Food will be sold by various organizations. The park program is open to all.

Block parties later in the day will be sprinkled throughout the City, as neighbors hold pot lucks and continue the celebration into the night.


Those placing chairs along the parade route are asked to be mindful of not creating barriers for those with mobility impairments.

The Piedmont Public Safety Committee would like citizens, as they celebrate with their neighbors, to consider how to be better prepared for a major emergency.

********* Fireworks in Piedmont are illegal. ********

Happy Fourth of July!

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