Jul 20 2014

Do Not Rely on Cellphones in Community Crises

People automatically grab their cellphones in an emergency, but in major events they may find there is no service. In lower Manhattan during the 9/11 attacks, cellphone service became unavailable.  Super storm Sandy destroyed cell towers along with houses and commercial buildings. Cellphones can become useless when the capacity is overloaded even though towers survive. On Friday, July 18, San Francisco’s ABC TV affiliate reminded viewers not to rely on their cellphones in disasters such as fires and earthquakes.

Families need to make emergency plans that don’t require cellphones.

The Piedmont Fire Department wants you to be prepared for disasters.

By preparing for a disaster you can better help yourself, your community, and the Fire Department. Education and training for disasters can be provided on any scale and for any number of people.

The Fire Department is committed to training individuals, families, neighborhoods, and businesses. We can tailor training to meet time constraints, unique needs, routine concerns, or schedule you may have.

If you would like to schedule training or just have a few questions about preparing, please contact the department at (510) 430-3030 and ask for the Captain or Lieutenant on Duty.

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