Oct 27 2014

It’s Time to Vote

Election Day is Nov. 4 !  Time to cast Vote-By-Mail ballots !

Voters who have registered for Vote-By-Mail ballots should have received their ballots by now.  Vote-By-Mail ballots must be received at the Registrar of Voters,  1225 Fallon Street, Oakland, Piedmont’s City Clerk, or a polling location no later than 8:00 p.m on Tuesday, November 4, Election Day.  Post marks are not sufficient. 

Voters may turn in Vote-By-Mail ballots to the Piedmont City Clerk’s Office, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, during regular business hours up to and including Election Day. Voters may also turn in Vote-By-Mail ballots to any polling place in Alameda County on Election Day. 

Early voting ballots are available for registered voters at the Registrar of Voters Office at 1225 Fallon Street in downtown Oakland. The office is open for early voting Monday through Friday and on Saturday, November 1st and Sunday, November 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

What is on the ballot?

Tuesday, November 4, will be the California General Election. On the ballot are all statewide elected officials, as well as Piedmont’s representatives in the United States Congress, the State Assembly, and on the boards of several special districts, including EBMUD, BART, and AC Transit. Also on the ballot are several statewide measures, at least one countywide measure, and one City of Piedmont measure.

Piedmont’s Ballot Measure GG

The Piedmont City Council placed Measure GG on the ballot. This measure modifies the City Charter in two ways. First, it would move the date of the City’s General Municipal Election from February to November. Second, it would change when the Piedmont Unified School District Board of Education annually elects its President and Vice President. To read the staff report describing the effects of the measure as well as its full text, click here. The measure needs a simple majority to pass.

If you have any questions regarding Measure GG, contact the City Clerk’s Office at (510) 420-3041.

Polling Place Locations

Polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.   There will be six polling places in Piedmont on Election Day. They are as follows:

Precinct # Location Notes
280100 Veterans Hall, 401 Highland Ave Side B
208500 Community Hall, 711 Highland Ave
208700 Ellen Driscoll Playhouse, 325 Highland Ave
281000 Corpus Christi Church, 322 St. James Dr. Gibson Center
281300 Veterans Hall, 401 Highland Ave Side A
281600 Kehilla Community Synagogue, 1300 Grand Ave Fellowship Hall

Your polling place location may have changed.

Check your sample ballot or the My Voter Profile page to find out which polling place is yours.

To see a personalized voter pamphlet and find out the location of your polling place, visit the Registrar of Voters My Voter Profile page.

General Information

If you have any questions regarding your voter registration, your sample ballot, or your polling place location, contact the Alameda County Registrar of Voters Office at (510) 272-6933 or visit their web site.

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