Oct 27 2014

Where is My Property Tax Bill?

The Alameda County Assessor’s Office is behind schedule for mailing property tax statements.

Although the first installment payment of the 2014-2015 property tax is due November 1, 2014, the Alameda County Assessor’s Office announced that the statements will not be mailed until October 31, 2014. Even if property owners receive their bills on November 1, they could only pay on time by credit card or electronic check, both of which carry a “convenience fee.”  The Assessor’s office “convenience fee” for paying by credit card is 2.5% –$1000 on a typical $40,000 bill.

The $3 “convenience fee” for electronic check payment is economical, but don’t forget to add the $3 to the payment due. To learn the amount due look up your parcel here.  Note, however, the online statements contain the statement  “this is not an official bill.”

Since property taxes are arriving late this year, property owners need not rush to pay their bills.  The 10% delinquent payment is not imposed until December 10, 2014, for the first installment of the tax statement.

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