Nov 4 2014

Piedmont Voters Approve Measure GG: Election Date Change

On Tuesday, November 4, Piedmonters voted by a margin of 94.6% to 5.3% in favor of  changing our local election calendar from February to November concurrent with the California General Election. (Only a simple majority was required to change the City Charter.)  Measure GG was put on the ballot by the Piedmont City Council.  The measure not only moves the date of the City’s election, it also changes the Piedmont Unified School District Board of Education annual election of its President and Vice President.

Piedmont poll workers reported a quiet but steady arrival of voters during the morning and early afternoon, with many simply dropping off their “Vote by Mail” ballots rather than filling out their ballots at the poll or posting them.

Voting on Highland Ave

Voting on Highland Ave



Read about the effects of Measure GG and its full text here.

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