Nov 4 2014

Solicitors, Emergency Preparedness, Neighborhood Meetings: November 6

The Public Safety Committee will meet Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont.  There are no broadcasts of the proceedings.  Interested individuals may attend the meeting and participate.  The meeting agenda includes:

2. Discussion of Managing Solicitors

3. Review of Piedmont Night Out Activities

4. Update on School Liaison Activities

5. Review of Public Safety Outreach at Harvest Festival

6. Update on Neighborhood Meetings

7 Discussion of Possible New Outreach Approaches

8 Discussion of EOC and City Emergency Plan Upgrades (Information Only) – Current information provided by Fire Dept.


What should you to do when solicitors come to your door!

Piedmont residents often complain about unwanted solicitors coming to their door. While many solicitors are working on behalf of reputable causes, others are misrepresenting themselves for personal gain, and a few have posed as solicitors to determine if residents are at home prior to breaking into homes. Residents should be aware of the following:

1. They should be cautious in opening their doors to persons they do not know.

2. Residents should not be reluctant to ask direct questions about the nature of the charity or purpose of the solicitation.

3. The Piedmont Police Department issues permits to persons selling goods or services of a non-charitable nature. (Charitable and political solicitors do not require a permit.)

4. Residents should ask the person to show a solicitor permit issued by the Piedmont Police Department. The solicitor is required to show their permit.

5. Posting a “No Solicitor” sign on the front door or other prominent location prohibits all solicitors (including charitable and political groups) from coming to that residence.

6. Residents are encouraged to contact the Piedmont Police Department at 420-3000 if they have concerns about solicitors.

Read latest crime report.

Information on hosting an Emergency Preparedness meeting in your neighborhood. On the link scroll down the page.

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