Nov 30 2014

Art Center May Finally Comply with ADA Access Laws and City Contract

Piedmont City Council meeting Monday December 1, 2014, 7:30 p.m. –

Piedmont Center for the Arts was required by Federal laws and their contract with the City of Piedmont to provide disabled restroom access for those who are disabled and cannot go up stairs to the restrooms.  The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) affects all public facilities when a specified amount of money is spent on a facility.

Since 2011, thousands have attended functions at the 801 Magnolia Avenue Center; however, the required access to the restrooms was never added due to cost and logistics. The Art Center has recently received plans from local architect Grier Graff, who designed a lift plan that will not block stairway access and will provide the proper access for the disabled. The proposal requires the Art Center contract with the City to be amended to expand usage of the property by the Center.

The ADA has generated law suits throughout the nation when disabled individuals are barred by appropriate access to facilities.

The ADA has requirements for wheelchair access widths, however there is nothing in the report regarding correcting the only wheelchair access found at the rear of the building. The walkway is narrow with a gate further narrowing the wheelchair access path. Many motorized and larger wheelchairs are prohibited from entering the building through the narrow walkway.

Agenda Item: Consideration of an Amendment to the Use Agreement with the Piedmont Center for the Arts to Facilitate the Installation of a Disabled Lift in the East Wing of the City’s Building at 801 Magnolia Avenue

Read the staff report.

Correction –

According to information provided by Nancy Lehrkind, President of the Piedmont Center for the Arts, the Center meets Federal requirements for disabled access to restrooms. Lehrkind notes a restroom on the lower level available for those in a wheel chair or otherwise disabled.  The Arts Center contract with the city of Piedmont required the provision of a lift to access the disabled restrooms on the upper level.             Updated on December 7, 2014 


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