Dec 14 2014

Christine Harbert to Retire as Piedmont Recording Secretary

For 35 years, Christine Harbert, known as Chris, has diligently taken minutes for Piedmont.  She has sat through many long Planning Commission and City Council meetings; yet she has never involved her emotions in the decisions and has kept a poker face throughout.  Her minutes are readily acknowledged as superior for careful attention to detail, timeliness, and accuracy.

Taking minutes for other Piedmont committees and commissions, Harbert has provided a reliable record of official proceedings, an invaluable service to Piedmonters.

Although working on a part time basis, Harbert often found her work virtually a full time job.  Harbert in her retirement is sure to find more time for golf and tennis, for she is as skilled an athlete as a minute taker.

Harbert will be missed and difficult to replace.

Read the staff report including the Council proclamation.

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