Jan 15 2015

OPINION: City Administrator Benoit Credits the Mayor and City Council with Many 2014 Accomplishments

Paul Benoit, Piedmont’s City Administrator since March of 2014, praises┬áthe Mayor and City Council.

The PCA article titled “City Administrator Benoit Brought Change to Piedmont in 2014” did a very nice job of highlighting some of the change and accomplishments that happened in 2014. However, it implied, perhaps more by the headline, that I was responsible for them. Under the “City Manager/ Administrator – Council” form of government it is truly a team that is responsible for progress.

The Brown Act training for staff, elected and appointed officials that we instituted was done at the suggestion and urging of Mayor Fujioka. For my part, I and staff implemented her suggestion. Similarly, it was Margaret, with full Council support, that urged careful drafting and scrutiny of all City contracts. Such care and scrutiny is the right thing to do and is something I take very seriously, but, in the present case, it is an initiative that the Mayor and Council deserve all the credit for. The list goes on.

Council Member Wieler championed the change in Piedmont’s election dates and it was the Mayor and Council, together, who deserve all the credit for devising a creative solution to sewer financing that did not burden or tax Piedmont residents.

A lot was accomplished in the last year. Over my career I have worked with many Mayors and many, many Councils. Given that experience I can say without reservation that Piedmont’s Mayor and Council Members are a strong and talented team and are particularly engaged, informed and creative. Having that kind of talent setting policy and directives, combined with a solid and professional staff, is what has and will continue to move Piedmont forward.

It is always nice to be recognized for good work and, in the case of 2014, credit for that work needs to go to Mayor Margaret Fujioka, Vice Mayor Jeff Wieler, Councilmember Bob McBain, Councilmember Teddy King and Councilmember Tim Rood. With that team in place I am excited for 2015!

Paul Benoit, Piedmont City Administrator

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